What benefits does Odin Web Business Builder’s AdManager offer?

AdManager provides four important benefits that help small business

run online marketing.

1. First, AdManager includes an intuitive wizard-like approach to

building marketing campaigns for both paid search and

display. For paid search, a single generic campaign is created

and deployed across multiple platforms such as Google, Bing,

and Yahoo. This makes it much easier for small business

owners to reach customers without having to master the

details of each platform. For display advertising, AdManager

automatically generates visual ads for approval and

deployment on Facebook and other prominent sites.

2. AdManager uses a collection of big data techniques to

continuously monitor, optimize and automatically run

campaigns. This includes consuming proprietary analytics and

running mathematical optimizations that guide the bidding

strategies specific to each platform.

3. AdManager also provides next-generation visitor based

analytics that keep small business owners engaged. This

information continually reinforces the value proposition.

4. Finally, a dedicated mobile app delivers the analytics and on-

going advertising results directly to the small business owner,

providing a convenient path to actively engage with the WBB


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