Which customers are suitable for Odin Web Business Builder’s AdManager?

A good way to understand suitable customers is to consider different

personas. For AdManager, a couple personas really stand out.

1. First consider the micro SMBs such as service professionals (the really small businesses or XSMBs), which have just a few employees. These businesses will have correspondingly small micro budgets, typically less than a couple hundred dollars a month to spend on advertising. These businesses are also likely to have little website traffic, especially if they are new to the market. A cost effective way of delivering paid search (SEM) can really increase traffic with little delay. AdManager makes it easy to get started, but more importantly, continually optimizes campaigns to ensure business owners keep getting the most out of their advertising budget.

2. More traditional SMBs, especially those with brick and mortar locations are likely to have larger advertising budgets (> $500 per month). These businesses probably already know the value of online advertising. They also may know how challenging it is to run these campaigns, having possibly failed in the past. The automatic campaign optimization capabilities of AdManager put tools like big businesses use in the hands of small business owners, leveling the online advertising playing field. Low fees mean that more of the marketing budget goes to work delivering results.

3. E-commerce stores live and die by online advertising. Driving traffic to web stores is absolutely critical and the direct link to conversions and revenue mean budgets are typically larger (> $1000 per month). AdManager helps use these bigger budgets more effectively to sell products, through continual optimization and targeted landing pages.

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