What is Odin Web Business Builder’s AdManager?

Odin Web Business Builder’s AdManager – powered by SiteWit – is an easy-to-use digital marketing platform that enables businesses to promote their services and products, as well as generate new leads, customers and sales. In short, it helps SMBs grow their online business.

WBB removes the biggest challenges of getting a business online, providing an intuitive site building tool to get websites up and running in no time. Customers can also start selling products online and advertising their business within the same integrated tool set. The deep integration with the AdManager search engine marketing (SEM) feature allows customers to advertise products or services online, increasing e-commerce sales and generating new leads. AdManager opens up the world of online marketing to small business owners by providing an integrated toolset across platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and display advertising. There really are four key benefits.

1. AdManager provides an easy and intuitive on boarding process, taking the mystery out of creating online marketing campaigns.

2. Once campaigns are launched, AdManager ensures success by automatically optimizing and bidding on specific platforms to get the most out of a customer’s advertising budget.

3. AdManager provides insightful website analytics to create a clear picture across the various marketing channels.

4. Finally, a true mobile-first experience allows small business owners to monitor and manage their marketing using the AdManager app.

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